Free Collection Call Scripts

Embark on a stress-free future with Jan’s complimentary offer

Enjoy a taste of all the expertise Jan Reeves and the ‘Get Paid’ eCourse has to offer with free Call Scripts guaranteed to reduce outstanding invoices.

With these easy to follow Call Scripts, Jan offers a complimentary starter course to set your business on the path to improve cash flow, reduce outstanding debt and secure your business future.

Jan’s Call Scripts offer a wealth of knowledge accumulated over two decades as a credit and collections professional and her experience as a successful business owner.

These Call Scripts cover the basic steps any business can take to collect unpaid and outstanding invoices to improve their financial position.

Download Jan’s free introductory series and discover her Ultimate Collection of Tips and Call Scripts to reduce overdue invoices, including:

  • Collection call scripts and a step-by-step guide to reduce outstanding invoices
  • The insider secret on how to make a call BEFORE payment is due, get paid on time and look like a STAR
  • Knowing exactly what to say, when and to whom, to get paid on time
  • Bonus tips to reach elusive payers

As an entrepreneur, business owner and former credit control and collections professional, Jan Reeves understands how essential cash-flow is to business.

Jan now works with business owners and operators to help them get their accounts paid on time and increase cash flow, profit and business value..

Learn more about Jan’s proven collection techniques and strategies with this free introductory offer.


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