If you need a proven collection call script to get your invoices paid on time, your search is over…

This call script is tried and tested. It has been proven to work brilliantly time and time again. Follow this simple script to help you make sure that overdue invoices are a thing of the past.


  1. Check that the customer’s order has been completely fulfilled before you ask for payment.
  2. The focus of this collection call script is to collect payment of invoices by the due date AND to build a strong relationship with the customer at the same time.
  3. Use a ‘World Class’ customer service approach on every interaction with your customer. Good service is rare and customers will love you for it!
  4. Ask ‘Open’ questions to find the information that you want. ‘Open’ questions start with Who? What? When? Where? and How.


Make a ‘Courtesy Call’ before the invoice is due.  A courtesy call is a service call to make sure your customer is completely satisfied with your service.

If there’s anything missing or any errors, you get the opportunity to fix them before the invoice is due for payment:

  • Introduce yourself. Speak to the person who can confirm receipt of the goods and invoice
  • If you don’t know the name of that person just explain why you are calling and ask who it is you need to speak to.
  • When you find the right person, ask them to confirm receipt of the goods/service and if their order is complete now?
  • If the customer raises a query, take control and resolve it super-fast.
  • Keep the customer fully informed while you resolve the problem. The faster you resolve the query, the faster your customer can pay you.
  • Keep control of the process. As soon as the query is resolved you can ask the customer for payment.

Follow the invoice all through the authorization and payment process. Depending on the size of your customer’s  company, this could involve several different people. For example…

  • “Hello, Charlotte. Jason tells me that he has authorised payment of our invoice number 5678. He says he has passed it to you to pay. Do you have it there?”
  • Remind the customer of the due date and ask specifically when you can expect payment… e.g.“It’s due for payment at the end of next week Charlotte. When do you expect the payment to leave your office?”
  • If at any time you find you are speaking to a person who can’t confirm payment, use an ‘open’ question to find out who can confirm it…“Thanks for that Charlotte. Who is it that can authorize for the payment to go out so that it reaches us by the due date?”

A ‘Courtesy Call’ is an ‘Insider Secret’. Not many people know this very effective way to get invoices paid on time.

If you make ‘Courtesy Calls’, over time you won’t need to make so many collection calls.  You’ll save time, have strong cash flow and less stress.


  • Don’t get upset or frustrated. It doesn’t achieve anything. If they like you they’ll pay you.
  • Don’t treat your customer as the enemy. They will treat you as you treat them.
  • Don’t launch into asking for a payment before you confirm that the customer is totally satisfied. For example…
    “That’s great that the delivery went smoothly. That’s what we like to hear”.
  • Then you can go on to say something like…
    “Now that your order is confirmed complete, I can see it is due for payment next Tuesday.  Who do I need to speak to about that?”
  • Don’t stop controlling the query resolution process even if you have to involve others. Manage the process so it gets resolved as quickly as possible e.g.
    “ Our customer won’t pay until she’s received that credit note, John. The invoice is overdue. When do you think you’ll be able to issue that credit? What can I do to help?”


call script for collections

  • Remember to say ‘Thanks’ at every opportunity. People like to be thanked.  It builds great relationships. For example…
    “That’s great thanks! That has saved me heaps of time”
  • Use ‘Open’ questions whenever you can. It’s a really good way to get the information you want…
    How will I know that the payment will be made on Friday?”
  • Pause after asking an ‘Open’ question. Pause and the customer will fill in the uncomfortable space with the information that you want.
    When will you take those payments to the Financial Controller to sign off?” Pause!
  • For the best chance of collections success, make sure your invoices are perfect. Invoices without queries don’t get paid
  • Use the Courtesy Call to find out early if there is a problem that might delay payment.
  • Resolve all queries super-fast. When the query is resolved you will have reduced any excuse not to pay.
  • Keep in touch with your customer while you resolve the issue. As soon as it’s resolved just ask for your payment.

When you start to follow the collection call script, collecting overdue invoices will be a thing of the past.  Your customer will like your outstanding customer service focus. They will get to like you and pay you on time.

A reminder: this is a friendly collection call script which won’t upset your customer. It worked in my small business and it will work in yours. Proven.

This call script gets your invoices paid on time AND builds strong business relationships which can mean repeat business and referrals.

What is your #1 problem or frustration about getting your invoices paid on time? Write and tell me. I’m waiting to help you Get Paid!

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